Pandas – information

Panda lives exclusively in the mountain forests of China at an altitude of up to 4,500 m above sea level. Panda lives in the mountain bamboo forests in Indochina, but now it is impossible to meet an animal panda there.

Already the “movie kung fu panda” was seen by everyone. And much of it really describes the panda as an animal. The length of the panda reaches almost 2 meters (1.5 – 1.9 m), the height at the withers is up to 70 cm. The length of the tail is up to 12 cm. The panda bear weighs up to 120 kg, less often up to 150 kg. Females are smaller than males by about 10%. Kung fu panda lives in captivity to 25 years, in nature is poorly understood, but scientists converge on the figure of 14 to 16 years.

Types of pandas are not so widespread, the big panda has several names: a Tibetan mountain bear, a bamboo bear, a giant panda. The description of the big panda is quite simple: a massive body covered with thick fur, short thick legs, on which powerful strong claws. On the paws, there are naked pads that help the panda to keep the smooth stems of bamboo during eating. Soft panda differs from bears by the presence of a relatively long tail and the structure of the teeth. Externally, the panda is very similar to a bear, but the structure of the body was subjected to doubts by scientists, and the panda was placed in the family of bears, then in its own family and even in the family of raccoons.

The panda raccoon sounds funny enough. The small panda, by the way, was also considered a raccoon for a long time, but only recently was the final verdict pronounced: the panda is a bear. Two pandas are very similar in appearance, but in fact each has his own individual pattern on the skin. The big panda has only one color, but her brother the red panda has a completely different, and the sizes are very different.

Panda loves bamboo, more precisely bamboo – the only food of these animals. The diet is 30 types of bamboo. Due to the fact that the bamboo thickets are becoming less, then the pandas are becoming less in natural nature. To survive the panda requires up to 18 kg of bamboo per day. Pandas move little, because bamboo is poorly nutritious and animals receive little energy.

According to estimates in the 90s in nature there were no more than 1000 individuals of these animals. It’s terrible to imagine how many they really are today. The big panda is on the verge of extinction. The killing of the panda was punished in China by death, but the reward for the panda skin was so high that many people were ready to risk their own skin.

Panda is funny and sweet. She has long been a favorite of children and adults. The Internet has a lot of fun videos about pandas, for example, where the panda sneezes and everyone is smiling. Of course, the panda looks very pretty. By the way, it is one of the most ancient animals in the world. In the world of the panda, there are no natural enemies now, although according to legend, a leopard tried to attack a panda, a small shepherd who was defended by a panda was killed by her wounds.