The Panther is a genus of mammalian animals from the family of large felines. The black panther is a panther, having a body color of black flowers and shades, it is not a separate species of the genus, most often it is a jaguar or a leopard. The black color of the coat is a manifestation of melanism, that is, a genetic variant of coloration associated with a gene mutation.

The black panther does not always have a pronounced black coat color, often, if you look closely, the coat is covered with spots of various dark shades, which in the end creates a visible impression of black color. Representatives of the genus of these felines are large predators, their weight can exceed 40-50 kg. The body is elongated (elongated), its size can reach two meters.

Moves on four very large and powerful limbs, ending with paws with long, very sharp claws, which are fully drawn into the fingers. The height at the withers is slightly higher than that of the sacrum and averages 50-70 centimeters. The head is large and somewhat elongated, the ears of a small size are located on the vertex. Eyes are of medium size with round pupils. A complete dental system with very powerful canines, the jaws are very well developed.

Hair covering all over the body. The tail is long enough, sometimes reaching half the length of the animal itself. In individuals, there is a pronounced sexual dimorphism – males larger than females by about 20% in size and weight. The habitat is the warm, even hot climate of Africa, southern Asia, southeast Europe and the whole of America, except the North. They live mainly in wooded areas, both on plains and in mountains.

Black panthers have an active lifestyle mainly at night, although they are sometimes active during the daytime. Generally, representatives of the genus are single animals and only occasionally can live and hunt in pairs. Like many felines are territorial animals, the size of their territory and hunting depends strongly on the terrain and the number of animals (game) inhabited on it, and can vary from 20 to 180 square kilometers.

The black color of the animal helps to disguise itself very well in the jungle, and the ability to move not only along the ground but also through the trees makes this animal virtually invisible to other animals and humans, therefore there is not much photo of the panther animal.

Panthers are one of the most bloodthirsty and dangerous animals on the planet, many cases are known where these animals killed people in their homes, more often at night when a person is sleeping. In forests, too often, a panther can attack a person, especially if the animal is hungry, and given that panthers are one of the fastest animals on the planet and in the running speed with it, few can compete, it is almost impossible to escape from it.

The danger, willfulness and aggressiveness of the nature of these predators makes them difficult to train and therefore it is almost impossible to see them in circuses, but zoological parks around the world are very happy to buy animals such as panthers because their location among pets attracts a huge number of animal lovers to such a zoo . In our country, black panthers are in the zoos of cities such as Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Leningrad.