On the ground there are eight kinds of pelicans. They are all relatives of frigates and cormorants. Pink pelican is the most common of them. Its weight is about 14 kg, and the wingspan is 2.5 meters. A characteristic feature of this bird is a leather bag under the beak. The distinctive feature of this pelican is also pink plumage.

All kinds of pelicans spend the lion’s share of time on the water. They know how to swim and dive. Sushi pelicans move with difficulty, but fly surprisingly easily. For example, on the ground an awkward and funny brown pelican, if it only takes off, turns into a graceful handsome man. With a long wedge, these large birds swim majestically in the air, waving their wings leisurely, while the rhythm of the strokes sets the head pelican, and the rest adhere strictly to it.

Noticing the prey, the bird instantly changes. Rushing down from a height of 3-10 meters, the pelicans, half curling their wings, open their beak and how powerful torpedoes enter the water. Within a few seconds the birds appear on the surface, they throw water out of the “bags” and swallow the fish. So hunts only brown pelican. Other species get their food in shallow water. There is also a tactic here. They become a semicircle and look for the fish near the bottom, drawing it with their peculiar beak. Sometimes to arouse fish, pelicans beat their wings on the water.

Usually pelicans prefer to live in large flocks, but there are exceptions. American white pelican often prefers to lead a solitary lifestyle.

The number of pelicans, unfortunately, is declining. The reason for the reduction was not so much hunting for them as the fact that they are very shy. If they are frightened, they leave the nest with the clutch, and even with the chicks, and the new offspring in the new place can not be withdrawn. It is necessary to behave very cautiously near the nest of these amazing birds.