Pet squirrel

Most squirrel lovers think that squirrel could be one of the most attractive indoor pets. In appearance, this is really a very cute animal, but many, such as chipmunk, gerbils, hamsters, and others, are no less interesting and much more convenient for keeping.

The thing is. that not every squirrel can be really hand-made so that it can be safely taken in hand, let out of the room, in a word, make of it a pleasant animal that will be able to make friends with a person in its own way. Such become no more than one of dozens of animals caught by young or fed by lovers.

The rest retain a certain savagery or indifference to the person, while he does not touch them, and very painfully bite if they are taken carelessly in their hands. Isolation of the squirrel is quite fragrant, so maintaining the purity in its cage requires considerable daily worries.

The room for the squirrel should be as spacious as possible, with shelves, branches, driftwood and tree trunks for climbing a small animal, which requires a lot of movement and must always be clawed. Without this, claws grow in six to eight weeks so much that the animal literally clings claws to a soft, for example fabric, sofa or curtain surface, and even begins to walk on the ground or wooden floor with difficulty.

The running wheel, placed in a cage, only partially compensates for the lack of the necessary exercise for the animal. From these considerations, squirrel is recommended to be introduced only in fairly spacious living areas of children’s institutions and in street cages, and not in apartments of amateurs.