Pet Wombats

In spite of the fact that wombat is well adapting to captivity and can even live here instead of the put fifteen to 20-25 years, the animal is considered stupid. Therefore, it can pose a danger to the surrounding pets and people. If the animal is frightened or feels threatened, it can even bite, defending itself.

It is interesting that in the wild he has almost no enemies, except for a wild dingo dog and Tasmanian devil. But the wombat is not so easy to win, because on the back of the body he has a strong shield.

If the enemy wants to climb to the wombat in the mink, he closes it with his hind legs, not allowing an uninvited guest to come in. If that still succeeds, the wombat begins to press him against the wall, presses it with his shield and strangles it. If this can not be done, the animal desperately struggles like a sheep.

He can frighten the aggressor, making sounds similar to mooing or bared. Usually such a measure helps, and the uninvited guest leaves. If the enemy is stronger, the wombat escapes, developing a speed of up to 40 km / h. But for a long time the animal can not run so fast.