Quail – information

Bird of the chickens, widespread in Europe, Africa and Western Asia. The traditional habitats of these small birds, whose body lengths are up to 20 centimeters, are meadows with tall grasses and very often fields of grain crops in which the quail is found both shelter and livelihood. The coloring of the quail’s feathers is very suitable for the bird to merge with the surrounding landscape and be invisible, its base being ocher, brown, gray tones and small white strips in the head and back.

Quail is a popular hunting object for people who appreciate these birds for tasty and healthy meat and for the ability to sing in the males of these birds.

The quail egg will never deteriorate, since it contains lysozyme, a useful amino acid that does not allow the development of microflora. In this regard, the eggs of these birds can be stored at room temperature for quite a long time. The weight of one such testicle will be only 11 grams plus or minus 1 g. Also in eggs of quail there will never be salmonella, unlike chicken eggs. This gives a great opportunity to drink them raw without fear.

Regardless of whether eggs have been laid down at home or on a farm, they will always contain many vitamins that help maintain the human body. Eating several eggs a day, you can safely forget about cholesterol. With the help of this product, you can cure infertility, get rid of kidney stones, gall bladder. When toxicosis pregnant women are useful to eat quail eggs, plus the body of the future mother and baby is supplemented with the necessary amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.