The first mention of this species of birds can be found in the ancient manuscripts of Egypt. Meat of this feathered fed workers in the construction of the pyramids. And on the table to the pharaohs, too, were served as eggs, and the baked carcasses themselves. Chinese emperors considered the meat of the quail valuable, so the bird carcasses were always on the tables. In addition, ordinary Chinese people already at that time tried at home to plant a feather with the help of eggs with embryos, and it was quite successful for them.

But since the wild quail themselves migrated from the African continent to England and back, then domestication took place wherever possible. And the bird got its name because of its coloring and ability to fall to the ground in danger. If you watch the video, you can see which these birds are cautious.

All kinds of quail, which are bred at home, have one ancestor – a wild quail. Therefore, they all belong to the same subfamily – partridge. Appearance of birds is quite undistinguished. Their interesting coloring of plumage, namely dark brown with red or dark orange dots or stripes, helps to hide in open terrain. But to keep this species of birds at home it does not matter, admiring them will be very interesting for both children and adults. If you watch the video, you can see that each species of quail will have its own special plumage, although they all come from wild birds.

The weight of an adult quail varies from 150 g to 300 g. It depends on the breed and the sex of the bird, the female is smaller in weight than the males. Slaughter at home is carried out when the bird’s bird will weigh at least 150 grams. But you can bring up to 200 grams.

There are special meat types of quail, such as “Pharaoh”, whose weight can reach up to 300 g. But a large number of eggs from this species of chickens can not wait. The video shows that birds of the same age can weigh differently, as in chickens, females are smaller than males.