Rabbit scientific name

Rabbit scientific name is Oryctolagus cuniculus. Rabbits differ in a number of biological and physiological characteristics (fecundity, precocity, lack of seasonality of the sexual cycle, the presence of lymphoid digestive organs, the properties of digestive juices, coprophagy, etc.), knowledge of which is of great importance for proper use rabbits and understanding of the development of some pathological processes in their body.

Fecundity of rabbits largely depends on the conditions of feeding and content, the individual qualities of the animal, which are inherited, and to some extent from the breed of rabbits (rabbits of large breeds are usually somewhat less prolific). Females give birth to 6-12, sometimes 16-19 rabbits in the litter.

The period of pregnancy in rabbits is 30-32 days. Females can be fertilized from the next day after the enrollment, that is, completely combine the periods of pregnancy and lactation.

This combination under the appropriate conditions of feeding and maintenance does not adversely affect the female and her offspring.