Rabbits – information

Some believe that a rabbit and a hare are one and the same animal. Only a hare lives in the forest, and a rabbit is a pet. This is not true. Although they are close relatives, they are all different kinds of animals.

Rabbits are not only domestic, but also wild. For their home, they choose thickets of bushes, slopes of ravines and hills. In a wild rabbit, the ears are shorter than the hare, and the hind legs are not so long. Strong front paws of rabbits with sharp claws for digging the earth.

Unlike rabbits, rabbits dig deep holes – real underground labyrinths. The moves stretch far in different directions, sometimes intersecting with each other. Sometimes a rabbit wanders underground for a long time before exiting.

Hares prefer to live alone, and rabbits love companies. And there is always a “leader” in it – a strong and experienced rabbit. In the afternoon rabbits sleep in their underground houses, and at night they go to pick on grass, chew on rootlets or visit a garden or garden. They multiply rapidly. A large number of rabbit livestock can eat all the grass in pastures where sheep and cows graze. They can even climb a tree to get to the leaves.

Rabbit ears help him adapt to different climatic conditions – to heat and cold. They control the temperature of the rabbit’s body.

If it’s hot – the ears are raised, the breeze cools them. And when it gets colder, the ears are pressed to the back, to the fur. In wild rabbits, rabbits are born deep in the burrows. It is lined with soft fluff, which my mother – a rabbit plucked out of her fur coat. Rabbits are born naked and blind. In a few days they will be covered with downy – and their eyes will open.

The rabbit feeds the babies with milk. Leaving the “house”, the entrance to the burrow is thrown by the lumps of earth to hide from prying eyes.

The man domesticated wild rabbits. Today there are many different breeds: there are very large, and there are very fluffy. And small rabbits can be kept at home, like a cat or a hamster. Scientists put experiments on them. Rabbits even visited space.