Red wolves

Red or mountain wolves (from Latin Cuon alpinus) are predatory mammals, members of the dog family (also the only remaining representative of the genus Cuon). This species is very rare, is endangered. Appearance of red wolves is a combination of jackal, fox and wolf. red wolves (flock) This species of wolves is represented by rather large individuals, in length they reach 75-110 cm (not counting the length of the tail 45-50 cm), and their mass is 17-21 kg.

The red wolf from the usual is distinguished first of all by the coloring, also the red wolves have more fluffy wool and a longer tail. This species of wolves is shorter and has an acute muzzle with relatively large ears. Also, red wolves have less molars and more nipples than other types of wolves. The color of such wolves has a rusty tone (the cubs of this species are completely dark-brown for up to three months), the tail end is black and very fluffy, like that of foxes. The properties of the wool cover of red wolves vary with the season: in summer it is shorter, rough and dark, and in winter, high, thick and soft.

The habitat of red wolves is mountains. Nor they do not dig, so they usually arrange lairs in crevices of rocks, caves or niches. From the mountains, red wolves can migrate to another habitat (steppe, forest-steppe or desert), but on extremely short terms, in search of food. Hunt and live red wolves in fairly large flocks (5-12 individuals), the pack includes pairs of different generations of wolves and the relationship between all the members of the pack is absolutely not aggressive. Hunts flock mainly during the day, on fairly large animals, although sometimes very small animals become victims. A wolf with a wolf cub The production of red wolves can consist of both rodents and lizards, as well as from deer, antelope, bull and even leopards and tigers.

Reproduction of red wolves is poorly understood, due to the small population of the species and the fact that they are not at all tamed. But it is known that small cubs appear most often in January-February, females of this species bring from 5 to 9 cubs. Red wolves are born blind, their eyes open already in the second week of life; their color is dark brown, outwardly they practically do not differ from puppies of ordinary dogs. They gain weight of an adult in the sixth month of life. And puberty is achieved by the second year of life.

Red wolves are an endangered species and he is included in the international and Russian “Red Book”. The exact reasons for the extinction of this species are not known, but scientists support the hypothesis that the gray wolves became the cause of this, because they have the same habitat with red wolves, but they are stronger, and the red wolves simply could not stand the competition in the struggle for the fodder base. Although red wolves do not tame, they breed well in captivity, as evidenced by the experience of many foreign and Russian zoos.