Salamander scientific name

Salamander scientific name is Caudata. Many salamanders are attacked by predatory birds, snakes and small mammals. However, the secretive way of life of these amphibians makes them not so easily accessible prey for the enemy.

The mating season comes in the Newts with the advent of spring. Fertilization in these animals is external, as, indeed, in other amphibians living on Earth. However, different kinds of salamanders have some differences.

Thus, for example, pulmonary salamanders draw in eggs fertilized by the male, but release them outside only when the maturation process is completed (sometimes it lasts 10 months). Once the masonry is postponed repeatedly, larvae immediately appear from the eggs.

Outwardly they are not like their parents. But in the case of the pulmonary salamanders, on the contrary, the hatched larvae are quite like adults (in appearance). Their uncooked (water) salamanders are guarded until the hatching of the offspring.