Scientific name of butterfly

Scientific name of butterfly is Rhopalocera. The mating season for butterflies comes in the spring, before flying to warmer countries. Before the process of mating, there is a period of courtship, followed by a pleasure.

First the male pursues the female in flight, playing and attracting by his presence, he touches it with his wings, stroking it from time to time. Then he intentionally forces the woman down.

At this moment, mating of insects occurs. A bag of sperm that gives the male to the female, not only plays the role of fertilization, but also supports the strength of the butterfly during the laying of eggs, is an assistant when traveling.

Laying eggs the female is ready in the spring or summer. The color of the eggs has a white, creamy overflow with a touch of yellowness. According to the shape of the eggs differ irregular conical, the length of more than one centimeter, the width of a millimeter.

Just four days after the masonry, a caterpillar appears. Caterpillar monarch is very voracious and in the period of growth can cause great damage to agriculture. First, the caterpillars eat eggs, from which they appeared, and then proceed to a delicacy of leaves on which eggs were stored.