Scientific name of chameleon

Scientific name of chameleon is Chamaeleonidae. Depending on the species, chameleons can have a standard coloring for nature: yellow, green, brown, and take quite an amazing color: blue, orange, red and others.

Chameleons are very unusual lizards that can change color according to their environment. This property allows them not only to remain unnoticed during the hunt, but also not to become prey. This is their only way to protect. For a person they are not dangerous.

Probably, having met this animal in dense foliage, you do not distinguish it from bright greenery, and passing along a stony path, do not pay attention to a stone of a bizarre shape. Such a useful feature could not go unnoticed and has long been used by people – we recall the principle of camouflage, and the chameleons themselves have become a favorite, let them be a very exotic, domestic pet.

The chameleon has a very powerful tail, which allows it to hold tightly to the branches of the trees, sometimes even releasing the front or back pair of paws to become like a leaf.