Scientific name of crow

Scientific name of crow is Corvus corax. Crows are sinister birds, in the folklore of many peoples of the world become a symbol of disaster and death. From the point of view of taxonomy, these birds are the closest relatives of crows, since they include Corvus in the same genus.

Because of the strong similarity with the latter, the exact number of crows can not be established, because the same taxon in different languages ​​can be called both “crow” and “crow”. According to rough estimates, the number of species reaches up to three dozen.

Crows are the largest representatives of the order of the Passeriformes. The smallest of them are Mexican (Corvus imparatus), fish (Corvus ossifragus) and Jamaican (Corvus jamaicensis) – about the size of a daw (35-38 cm) and weigh about 250 g.

The largest common crow reaches a length of 55-65 cm, has a wingspan of up to 1.5 m, and weighs from 700 g to 1.5 kg. An amateur at first sight to distinguish one species from another (and also from crows) is difficult – it’s painfully similar to look these birds.

All crows have a dense physique, strong wings and a powerful beak. In some species the crest of the supraclavicular is thickened, why it acquires a specific bulging, humpy appearance.