Scientific name of duck

Scientific name of duck is Anas platyrhynchos. Of all the domestic birds kept on a personal farmstead, ducks are the fastest, have delicious dietary meat. The commodity weight is gained by two months of life. During the season, one individual lays 90-130 eggs, which makes the content of ducks profitable.

Sexual maturity of ducks is reached in 26 weeks. After 28 days of hatching eggs, young animals appear (the incubation period lasts for as long). The most intensive ducklings develop in the first three weeks.

To increase 1 kilogram of live weight, young animals will need about 2.5 kilograms of fodder during this period.

With a minimum of costs, breeding ducks brings a good income. They are undemanding to feed, practically any kind of economic building is suitable for their maintenance.

To grow ducks it is not necessary to have a large farm. They have a non-conflict nature, so to save space, owners of private farms sometimes keep them together with all poultry.