Scientific name of fox

Scientific name of fox is Vulpes vulpes. Foxes, a group of genera of the canine family (Canidae), widely distributed throughout the world and having important economic significance. The skin of many foxes is valued in the fur industry.

In the countryside, foxes eat large amounts of pests, such as crickets and grasshoppers, and help control the numbers of rodents. Sometimes foxes steal poultry, but, apparently, are smart enough not to raid poultry farms located in the immediate vicinity of the den.

In Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, many species of foxes are widespread, but none occur south of Colombia in South America. Most belong to the two main genera – Vulpes and Urocyon. The typical shape of an animal is a pointed muzzle, large erect ears and a long fluffy tail.

Usually, foxes form married couples for life, but if one partner is killed, the other will find the next breeding season for a new one. The female gives birth to 3 to 12 foxes once a year. Contrary to rumors, foxes do not give hybrids to dogs, although they belong to the same family.