Scientific name of hippopotamus

Scientific name of hippopotamus is Hippopotamus amphibius. Hippopotamus is an animal of the class of mammals of the group of cloven-hoofed animals. Lived at the beginning of the last century on a large area from the Nile to Cape Town, but the violent activities greatly contributed to reducing the population of the hippopotamus.

Hippopotamus, contrary to the opinion of its origin from pigs, is a close relative of cetaceans. Its body is barrel-shaped, with thick short legs, which end in four-fingered hoofs, united by a small membrane.

The presence of the membrane is due to walking through the mud – the fingers move apart, the web is stretched and the hippopotamus does not collapse, forming a support.

Surprisingly the location of the eyes, ears and nostrils of the hippopotamus on a massive, thick heavy head. These organs are located almost on one line, which allows you to breathe, listen and see at the same time while being under water.