Scientific name of parrot

Scientific name of parrot is Psittacidae. When we think about pets the first thing that comes to mind is dogs and cats, then rabbits and guinea pigs and other domestic rodents. However, such birds as parrots have long been living side by side with man and for many owners are the most real and favorite pets.

What pets come from parrots? The answer to this question depends largely on personal preferences and individual opinions.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of keeping parrots as pets. Moreover, some shortcomings of parrots as pets can become virtues for some people, but for others they will turn into their shortcomings.

For example, the life expectancy of small parrots is about 15 years, and large species, if properly taken care of, can live about 50 years. This is three times more than dogs or cats, not to mention small rodents.