Scientific name of sea lion

Scientific name of sea lion is Otariinae. Sea lions are representatives of the family of eared seals. In the world there are only 5 species of sea lions – northern, southern, New Zealand, Australian and Californian. All of them are quite similar to each other, and to fur seals, who are their closest relatives.

Like all pinnipeds, sea lions have a streamlined body, a small head and flattened, fin-shaped limbs. But there are some differences. The body of these animals is relatively more slender and flexible than other species of seals.

The neck is also relatively long and very flexible, the paws are very mobile and the sea lions move even on land rather deftly (which you can not tell about other seals). In the water they show real miracles of acrobatics. The skull of these animals has a well-defined brain area, the eyes are large, slightly convex. On the muzzle of sea lions you can see thick vibrissae (they are often called mustaches).

In general, sea lions are the most mobile and intelligent of all pinnipeds. The wool of these animals also differs in quality from the fur of other seals, it is short and less dense. On the neck of the males the wool is longer and forms a peculiar short mane, for which they received their name.