Scientific name of shark

Scientific name of shark is Selachimorpha. Sharks are a large group of animals belonging to the class of cartilaginous fishes. There are 350 species of sharks in the world. Their appearance and way of life are so diverse that it is difficult for some representatives to recognize sharks.

It is erroneous to assume that all sharks are large predators. In fact, their size varies from 15 cm to 15 m and relatively small sharks are more common. Most species have an elongated torpedo-shaped body.

The muscular body of sharks has absolutely no bones, they are replaced by cartilages. According to the hydrodynamic properties of the shark, the most perfect of all fishes.

However, some sharks may have a very unusual appearance. The head of sharks is most often elongated with a characteristic pointed snout. In a hammerhead, the head has a specific shape that really resembles a hammer.

The mouth of all sharks is located on the underside of the head.