Scientific name of sparrow

Scientific name of sparrow is Passeridae. In the cold winter, when there are very few birds, or in the hot summer, when the voices of many birds are heard, a small, gray-brown ptaha, a sparrow, is always with a person to whom people are so used that for a long time already and do not notice it. And in vain.

A sparrow is a small bird, up to 18 cm in size and weighing no more than 35 g. But few realize that this is an unusually intelligent, observant and cautious bird.

Otherwise, she would not choose such a clever, unpredictable and dangerous neighbor – a person. A sparrow not only gets along easily, but also learns new lands for himself.

So, for example, after the person this crumb moved to Australia, settled in the north of Yakutia, agreed even to the tundra and forest-tundra, although there she does not live at all comfortably. Now there are few places on the planet that would not have been inhabited by sparrows.

The sparrow does not fly away to warm lands and, in general, prefers to lead a sedentary lifestyle. However, this does not prevent him from flying beyond the already selected territories in order to look for new, unoccupied terrain.