Sea lion teeth

Sea lions teeth  have an strong teeths. The body of this representative of the order of pinnipeds has a streamlined and elongated shape. His limbs are in the form of fins. The head has a small size and is attached to a relatively long and very flexible neck. These animals are more mobile than the rest of their relatives.

On the muzzle you can observe funny antennae, which are called vibrissae. The animal’s coat is very short and not too thick.

Males of sea lion are much larger than females, if females weigh, on average, 90 kilograms, then representatives of the opposite sex – 300 kilograms. The height of the animal is about 2 meters.

This water mammal is a resident of the Southern Hemisphere of our planet. Choosing natural areas, the sea lion prefers to be located on the open coasts of the oceans and seas.

Colonies of the sea lion can be seen near Australia, South America and New Zealand. Terrain animal chooses both rocky and sandy, and sometimes can stay for living and in thickets of grass.