Sea Lions – information

Sea lions are large pinnipeds of the family of eared seals. The sea lions include 5 species – this is the southern, northern, Californian, Australian and New Zealand sea lion. All these animals are externally very similar – their body has a streamlined shape, the paws are modified into fins, the eyes are large, and on the muzzle there are sensitive vibrissae – setae resembling a mustache. The weight of adult males can reach 300 kg, the length of the body – 2 meters, and on the neck a peculiar mane, formed by a thicker and longer coat, it is thanks to this mane that the sea lions and received their majestic name. Samples are usually smaller and lighter than males, their weight does not exceed 90 kg. The wool of sea lions is short and not too thick, the color varies from dark brown to black.

Sea lions live mainly in the southern hemisphere of our planet. The names of these animals speak about this. They can be found on the coast of New Zealand, South America and Australia. Sea lions prefer to settle on the sea and ocean coasts.

The diet of sea lions consists of seafood – shellfish, fish and various crustaceans. These animals are excellent swimmers and divers. To get their food, they are able to dive to a depth of 90 m and swim with great speed. Sea lions are collective animals. They live in small herds on the coasts of the seas and oceans. They do not migrate, but constantly live in one place. Can only occasionally wander for small distances (from 5 to 25 km) in search of more fish places. Once a year, males make fights, but they are not very violent. Around the strongest males samochki gather, forming a kind of harem. The harem can consist of one male and 12 females.

Pregnancy of the female lasts a whole year. Babies come into the world with a light fur that darkens during the subsequent moults. Mother for the first few days does not depart from the baby, looks after him and feeds milk. Milk feeding for sea lions lasts a long time – from 5 to 7 months, thanks to this the cubs grow strong and healthy.

When the cubs grow up, they get lost in their youth group. Adult sea lions are about three years old. Life expectancy of sea lions can reach 20 years.