Sea otter diet

Sea otters are omnivorous. They are looking for food in the tidal zone. The diet of sea otters consists of fish, mollusks, various animals living in the sea, and sea birds. The sea otter diet consists of approximately 40% crustaceans, 30% fish, 20% mollusks, and 10% other feed.

The sea otter catches prey 100-500 meters away from the shore, while it can dive to a depth of 30-50 meters. Dive lasts no more than 15-30 seconds. Sea otters do not use stones as an instrument for splitting the shells of crustaceans, unlike river otters.

The sea otter’s lair looks like a tunnel, ending with a burrow. One of the exits leads to dense thickets on land. When otters do not hunt, they rest. Sea otters like to rest in dense vegetation on the shore. They love to bask in the sun, settling on stones, more than 1 meter above the water level. Ore and rookery otters are made in places where there is a lot of forage.

The main enemies of sea otters are killer whales, and young individuals are attacked by sharks, predatory animals and birds. In nature, marine otters live about 10 years.