Sea otter habitat

Unlike fellow sea otters inhabit in the sea and next to it. They choose rocky shores where powerful winds blow. Otters occupy bays where the low tide zone is 2-2.5 meters, and trees and small shrubs create a shadow, stretching along the shore up to the water level.

Sea otters are secretive and timid animals that lead a predominantly daytime lifestyle.

Sometimes they are active at dawn or dusk. In the water, they spend about 60-70% of their life, where they hunt and look for food. When the otter swims, it only expands the upper back and head out of the water.

Although sea otters lead a predominantly aquatic life, they sometimes travel on land, while they can move away from the shore for up to 30 meters, and if they pursue the victim, they are able to distance themselves from water by a distance of 500 meters. The otters climb badly along the coastal rocks.