Sea otters – information

Charming animals, these sea otters, otherwise they are called sea otters. These marine inhabitants have their own unique characteristics that affect our minds. See “Sea Otter photo” and read interesting facts about sea otters and their special role in the marine ecosystem.

Sea otters are inhabitants of the coastal zone of the Pacific Ocean in Canada, Japan, Russia, the USA, and are among the smallest marine mammals. Calans belong to the family Cunyi.

Meat of the sea otter is very valuable, and therefore this beautiful sea animal because of the extermination was on the verge of extinction and is entered by many countries in the protection book. The skin of the kolana with so much dense fur that it does not let water pass to the animal’s body, and the absence of subcutaneous fat makes the otter completely dependent on its fur in keeping the heat. This fur is collected in folds, in which the otter sometimes stores food when transferred to another place

By the way, the sea otter eats sea urchins, crabs, aballones and other inhabitants of the seabed. It plays a key role in regulating the number of “algae eaters”, without sea otters, living creatures would consume unlimited marine plants and violate marine ecology. To break the shell of the shellfish or the shell of the crab, the sea otter finds a sharp stone and splits the food, this stone she keeps in the fur fold, like a pocket all her life.

Calans drink sea water a lot, because of this they have huge kidneys, making up 2, 8% of their body. In contrast to the river otter, the forelimbs of the sea otter do not have membranes between the fingers, but are more like soft paws covered with fur.

Sleeping these attractive animals, floating on the surface of the water, holding each other with paws, as seen in the photo, or winding the body of the alga, so as not to be carried to the ocean or nailed to the shore.