Sea turtles – information

Sea turtles, unlike land vessels, are not able to remove head and legs under the shell.

Sea turtles are guided by the magnetic field of the Earth. They are unmistakably returning to their birthplace even if they pass several years.

On average, sea turtles live – 80 years.

Atlantic Ridley (sea turtle) is the smallest and fastest growing sea turtle.

Sea turtles are common in all oceans of the world, except for the northern zones.

Of the 7 known species of sea turtles, 6 are endangered.

They have been living on Earth for more than 220 million years. They managed to survive in those weather conditions where dinosaurs died.

On the ground, sea turtles go slowly, because their fins are adapted for swimming and not for walking. They are excellent swimmers who can travel long distances. Leatherback turtle can travel 19200 km (besides it is the largest sea turtle among the sea).

Sea turtles do not have teeth. Some species are vegetarians, others feed on mollusks, crabs, jellyfish, etc.). Sometimes sea turtles take plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them (such a “diet” can lead to the death of a turtle).

Sea turtles have light and breathe atmospheric air.