Among all the felines, this resident of the Black Continent is, perhaps, the most fashionable and dapper. From the predatory squad it is distinguished by original large dark spots, which make up a mysterious figure, unexpectedly bright fur, a short, perky, playful tail.

The habitat of the attractive animal is the zones located to the south, north, east of the Sahara.Like his sister, the lynx, the servant at home is considered edible. Once the meat of these two cute cats was adored by European gourmets, and even today there are brave souls eager to taste delicacy.

The African prefers a humid environment, well feels near rivers, lakes, marshes, in damp tropical forests. Getting food in such places is quite difficult, too many qualities must be possessed by the hunter. But the servility did not frighten the difficulties.

It is quite high (about 1 m), so it can instantly grab the frightened winged booty soaring upward. Despite the fact that it is massive (up to 16 kg), it is unusually courageous, agile and mobile. Successfully complements the valuable qualities of excellent hearing: a resident of the coastal zone is endowed with truly huge ears that can catch the trembling of a frightened rodent, quickly determine where the burrow is located.

Disproportionately long legs quickly carry the animal from place to place, give him the opportunity to perform intricate jumps and somersaults, lightning fast on the lower branches of trees. Although, I must admit, the serval does not like too much energetic movements: in the foliage of baobabs and acacias he most often does not lie in wait for the victims, but hides from wild dogs.