Sheep – information

Sheep are harmless and useful for agriculture creation. They have a developed herd instinct, are unpretentious in food, able to graze even after other animals and on pastures with low growing grass. Sheep have involvement in some world discoveries and achievements, such as cloning, for example. So, what’s interesting about sheep can be found to date:

The first cloned animal was the sheep. She received the name Dolly in honor of singer Dolly Parton. Subsequently, the phrase “sheep Dolly” became known throughout the world. There are many souvenirs, gifts, clothes, depicting a cute painted lamb with the signature “Dolly”;

The distinguishing feature of sheep, oddly enough, is not the coat or size, but the tail! Than it will be longer and thicker, the more valuable is the breed of sheep;

A herd of sheep always follows a shepherd, while most other animals need to be driven from behind. It is connected again with the herd instinct of sheep – they need one individual who will lead in the right direction;

 In the Russian language is the expression “white crow”, which means a person who differs from others, strikingly stands out. In many European countries, instead of a white crow, the expression “black sheep” is used. Often it means a negative coloration in relation to the person who is so called;

Sheep became the first animals to become famous in advertising, as its carriers. The farmer, who received a ban on installing advertising along his farm, made his herd public. The back and sides of his sheep were decorated with the products and words he wanted to advertise. The effect was impressive;

In a small number of living things on the ground, the pupils are rectangular in shape. Sheep are among these animals, along with octopuses;

On each continent of the globe there are sheep. These animals, depending on the breed, are able to adapt to the harshest climatic conditions – from scorching heat, to terrible cold;

Sheepskin – the ideal material for children’s things and beds. Australians have long since laid children with sleep disturbances on sheepskin blankets, and the children immediately calmed down. Sheepskin protects the skin from drying and sweating;

The Germans arranged a profitable enterprise in Bonn – they rent live sheep for hire as lawn mowers. This is cheaper than buying equipment, and sheep, thanks to a special constitution, are able to lower their head and tear down even the smallest blade of grass.