Siberian huskies – information

Siberian huskies are very kind and playful dogs, they are very kind to the family. In addition, they are sociable, intelligent, obedient and good-natured, they treat strangers and children well. Since huskies are not watchdogs, they bark little and love everyone. They will obey only the team, and if the dog does not feel leadership over himself, he will not obey the commands and will show a wayward and mischievous character.

Representatives of this breed do not like to remain alone – then they begin to howl and get bored. If you start a dog of this breed, you will have to consider buying one more. In the event that the dog does not have the opportunity to manifest himself as a hunter, she will be looking for some kind of game like a neighbor’s cat.

Siberian Husky usually do not eat much, but there are those who like to eat. The exchange of substances in this breed of mute differs from the others. They easily assimilate fatty and protein-rich meat: this occurs without heavy loads on the liver. Like all northern dogs, they are characterized by a protein-fatty type of food, and not protein-carbohydrate, as for other dogs. If you choose the right food, then the dogs will be active, healthy and will have a beautiful coat.

First of all, it is necessary to decide which type of feeding to give preference: dry or canned food or natural type. If you choose ready-made food, then you need to choose those in which the high content of fats and proteins. You will also have to learn how to choose high-quality food, as this will in time negatively affect the health of the pet. If the dog eats dry food, then the lack of fluid in the body the dog must make up for the account of fresh water.