Siberian huskies

It is known that huskies are a family of very clever hunting dogs. The main feature of them is that they kept intuition, dexterity, and exceptional sense of smell from their ancestors, but at the same time, huskies are devoted and friendly dogs.

Although dogs have much in common, but each species has unique features and appearance. Siberian Husky is a northern beauty with a characteristic wild taiga color, it is considered one of the most powerful and enduring hunting dogs. This breed shows excellent results in hunting, both on large animals (bear, elk, wolf, wild boar), and on fur (marten, sable, squirrel).

The breed was brought out of the Mansi type of Husky and Khanty individuals. With the help of these dogs, local shepherds and hunters survived in harsh natural conditions. In order to get such strong and hardy dogs, the breeders conducted careful selection.

Siberian Husky is a medium growth dog, strong and dry, very mobile, has a well developed orienting reaction, is very hardy. Externally, the husky has an average size, developed physique, strong bones, abundant woolen covering, beautiful head and ears.

Dogs are well adapted to physical loads, so it has long been used as a sled dog. In the absence of constant loads, Siberian Husky will quickly lose shape.

The sizes of a male and a female are quite different. The growth of a male from 52 cm to 60 cm, and females – from 50 cm to 55 cm.

The weight of the Siberian husky varies depending on the size of the dog, but adult dogs are rarely heavier than 28 kilograms, and bitches are 23 kilograms. The main thing is that the weight is proportional to the size of the pet.