Snail scientific name

Snail scientific name is Achatinoidea. Snails are active both during the day and at night. With a temporary lack of food, a decrease in humidity or a decrease in temperature in the aquarium, the bearers of the shell are tightly buried in the ground and fall asleep, to the best of what they are called, of the times.

During this hibernation the snail will lose up to 60% of its own weight. Some owners, even when leaving for a month on vacation, artificially force snails to hibernate, putting the aquarium in a cool place and stopping feeding, and upon arrival “wake up” their domestic slugs.

Yes, if the snails are damp enough and warm, very soon the whole bottom of the aquarium will be literally strewn with white eggs – from 150 to 200 pieces – of which in 65 days a new generation will be brought out. After a while small and absolutely transparent snail are hatching. Little, really, does not seem.

Most snails lay eggs, but in some species the cubs are born by live birth. Snails and slugs leave behind a wet shiny trail. This allows them to walk and stay wet. This mucus, when dry, clogs the sink in winter. Snails are in hibernation in cracks or holes.