Snapping turtles – information

Immediately after the turtles hatch from the eggs, they go to the water, where, being protected from predators, they spend the first years of their life. Turtles grow quite rapidly, and within a year their carapace reaches a length of 15 cm.

Snapping tortoises spend most of their life under water at the bottom of lakes, ponds and rivers. In the water swim slowly and leisurely, overland move very clumsily. In winter, in the northern part of the distribution range, they often fall asleep in the water. However, at this time, turtles can also lead an active lifestyle under the ice.

On land, snapping turtles, if they are in danger, can be very aggressive. In case of danger, they resolutely attack the enemy, exposing their sharp beak.

These turtles hunt all small animals. They feed on fish, small turtles, frogs, salamanders, water snakes, young alligators, nestlings of water birds, and mammals that live in water. Having extracted a large animal, turtles tear it up with their sharp claws into small pieces. Small animals they swallow whole.

These reptiles also feed on carrion, their remains are the remains they sometimes find in the water. Small turtles eat fish, tadpoles, shrimp or water insects.