Sparrows – information

A sparrow is a well-known bird that adjoins a person and nestles near its dwelling, so it is called a house-bird. The sparrow weighs 23-35 grams, and the body can be up to 16 centimeters long. His plumage is brownish-brown on top and whitish below. The male, unlike the female, has a large black spot on the chin, throat, craw and upper chest and the top of the head is dark gray. The female has a gray head and throat and a pale gray-yellow band above the eye.

The sparrow is common in Russia, in Asia, in Europe, and also in Africa, Asia Minor and Arabia. In the last century it was brought to different countries and to many islands, where the bird settled down to the present day. It can be found in the village and in the city. A wide spread is due to the great fertility of birds.

Sparrow – a permanent neighbor of man, settles near the very housing of a person or near settlements, perfectly adapts to life near people. Here he finds good conditions for the device nests and a lot of food, nests in separate pairs, sometimes colonies. Passerine nests can be found in crevices of buildings, in burrows in clay ravines, in hollows of trees. A bird can also take a birdhouse and a swallow’s hole.

In March, in Russia, birds begin the premarital season with screams and fights, and in April they build nests and lay eggs. They nasizhivayut them about 13 days. Nestlings feed on insects, after hatching they leave the nest after 10 days, that is, somewhere in the end of May or beginning of June. Over the summer there are two or three broods. Nestlings sometimes in thousands flock to the flock and feed on the fields.

Food is mainly plant food, and in the spring it is partly insects. In settlements, the sparrow selects seeds of crops, food scraps, cereals, finds currant berries, cherries, grapes, flower buds.

A sparrow or a sparrow is brave, cunning, sometimes annoying, and sometimes even thievish. With its image, the Russian people have always associated a lot of fun games, nursery rhymes, proverbs, sayings and jokes.