Sparrows nest

Sparrows can settle in abandoned buildings, under the eaves of roofs or in the apertures of windows. In nature, sparrows nest in the crowns of trees and shrubs, in ravines, clay holes, in hollows of trees or birdhouses. In any case, they choose high and remote places that can become a reliable protection for their future offspring.

The nest is built from straws, twigs, leaves and various construction debris. The bottom is laid out with down, feathers and other soft material. Sometimes sparrows occupy former nests of swallows, which are distinguished by their increased strength and durability. Here is an interesting bird – a house sparrow. He has perfectly adapted to living in wildlife, as well as near the person.

A sparrow is a miniature and fast-paced bird that always adjoins the human settlements. Appearance of the sparrow only at first glance seems unattractive and dim.

A tiny sparrow has a lot of energy, so it’s hard to find it in a quiet state. As a rule, birds fly from branch to branch, gather noisy companies in bushes or look for food where people live.