Squirrel nest

For shelter from bad weather, frosts, for breeding offspring, squirrels arrange nests. Like a squirrel to settle in a hollow, but if it was not nearby, then you have to build a dwelling itself.

The squirrel builds a nest in the most secluded places, often in a remote, overgrown part of the forest, at an altitude of 4-6 meters from the ground. The tree preferred for construction is an old fir tree.

It is such a large ball of twisted twigs, twigs, twigs, fastened with moss and bast. The interior trim of the nest is performed by the squirrel thoroughly. The nest on all sides is lined with a thick layer of moss and a rumpled bast of trees.

The entrance to the nest is on the side. In severe frosts, the economic squirrel chokes the entrance with moss and bast. Often the nest of a squirrel has two inputs.

The type of building material used by the squirrel depends on which forest it lives in. In fir groves she collects a light gray lichen-beard from old branches. In the pine forest uses green moss. In the oak and lime groves, the squirrel insulates the nest with leaves, bast, feathers, hare fur, horsehair. Even the old nests of small birds are suitable for the animal for lining your house.