Squirrels – information

All proteins are pretty clever and fast. Being a mammal and a rodent, it contains more than 45 species of such animals from the whole variety of the squirrel family. This genus of proteins lives in Russia, America (north and south), Europe and the temperate latitudes of Asia.

The squirrel is average in size, slightly squat and has a triangular body, slender and elongated. Has a well-developed musculature, akin to the one that dogs have about the same constitution. The length of the tail, body and weight are the same for males and females. If we compare life expectancy at will and in captivity, then in the second case the protein lives longer: 10-12 years. Independent and free life in nature is short-lived: 3-4years.

Due to the fact that the proteins quickly find seeds and nuts, and even hide the finds, they are considered quite smart and quick-witted animals. They quickly become accustomed to taking food from the human hand, because they understand that a person can be a source of their food. However, she does not go to the arms, it is impossible to tame and cuddle her. Between themselves, they are aggressive. Often this results in a real quarrel and squabble. When changing living conditions (from nature to bondage and vice versa), young individuals adapt faster than old ones.

It is better not to leave young children alone with a squirrel, because when they try to grab them (and this is exactly what the kids want to do), they can be bitten by defending themselves. However, if children are taught correct treatment of this animal, then no problems arise: it can be easily fed with seeds or nuts from the hand. As practice shows, relations with domestic cats and dogs in squirrels are developing well. However, when you are acquainted with them, you need to closely monitor the behavior of animals, since the bite of a cat is fatal for a squirrel. Live with the poultry of the squirrel is hard, she will want to catch her.

The protein of the ordinary must have constant access to clean (boiled or filtered) water. Nuts and seeds are best given with shell, since it should be cleaned by itself, only in this way and worn out the front teeth, which is necessary for this animal. In the diet of any protein should be: pine nuts, dried fruits, hazelnuts, dried mushrooms (but not champignons and oyster mushrooms), pumpkin seeds, apples and pears, raisins, apricots, dried apricots, dried carrots and zucchini, wheat, oats, pine and spruce cones Together with the seeds. Protein is enough to feed twice a day: morning and evening.

The squirrel is not listed in the Red Book, however, there are its relatives, for example, a flying squirrel.