Squirrel from a squad of rodents of the squirrel family. The length of the body of the protein reaches 25 cm, the tail of the squirrel is still plus 20 cm, the height at the withers is 10 cm, sometimes more. The weight of an adult animal (protein weight) is about a quarter of a kilogram. The ears of the proteins are crowned with cute brushes. The coat of the coat is brown red, in winter the same red hair is mixed with grayish white hairs. White squirrels were found on the notes of our ancestors and were known as “princes of the squirrel kind.” Proteins got their name due to them – vla (I). At northern colleagues fur and at all loses a red tint, sometimes completely black squirrels are found.

So where do the squirrels live? The distribution zone includes all of Europe, the Urals, the Caucasus and Southern Siberia and to Indochina. The wood squirrel is everywhere where there are groves, prefers deaf forests, the solar regions try to avoid it.

Wild squirrel climbs into the hollows of trees and old trunks, where it arranges a nest. Nests, also, are located near the tree trunk on the branching of two branches. Nests closed to protect from the weather. In the house, the gray squirrel suits 2 exits: the main one and the emergency one in case of danger. The nest itself is made of rods intertwined with each other. Inside the nest, the red squirrel covers everything with moss, which serves as a soft and warm blanket. Proteins often use old abandoned bird nests to establish their home. The base of the nest is secured with earth and clay for strength.

Squirrel rodent excellent climb, it is agile and dexterous. Help her in the movement of sharp claws on the flexible fingers. Squirrel beast fast and restless. The animals cling to the bark of the tree and other surfaces with all four legs, which helps them to feel comfortable even upside down.

What the protein feeds is known from Russian fairy tales. But nuts, or rather seeds, are not the only food, they eat seeds and branches, buds, berries, grains, mushrooms and bark. Most of all the protein adores the eggs of birds. A small squirrel is unlikely to dare to attack a live bird, but an adult can choose a young bird as its target.

The life of a squirrel depends on its stocks, when a lot of food, then the squirrel hides on a “rainy day”. Pantry squirrels are in hollows, among roots and even in burrows.

The Russian squirrel hides in the nest during the heat, where it sleeps and gets strength. On a sunny day, protein can be seen early in the morning or at dusk, when the heat drops. The squirrel also badly endures bad weather: storms, downpours, snowstorms and the like. Unpleasant adventures of proteins begin in the cold autumn, because animals are forced to eat their winter supplies, which leads to death. Therefore, to the question: “how the squirrels live in the parks,” you can answer yourself – that’s great! After all, in the artificial forest, there are always willing to feed the animals, and there are also warders. How do proteins last? Yes, very good. Squirrel sits in its warm nests in winter and eats stored seeds and roots. What do proteins do if there is not enough food for the winter? They leave their homes and go in search of food, in cities this place is a garbage where the protein can be poisoned by products, unfortunately, this is the inevitability of the 21st century.

With a strong excitement, the protein can make a whistle, although in ordinary life the voice of the squirrel is similar to the sound of a knock on the tree.

By the way, the animal, like a squirrel, is a chipmunk. It is even called earth protein. True, he is not so agile and crochet as a squirrel, but just as nice.

In March – April begins the marriage period. A dozen males gather around one female, a fight is inevitable. After mating with the strongest, 2 to 8 cubs are born to the mother. A baby squirrel is born blind, ripens through 9 days after birth. The male and the female take turns eating the babies after they stop sucking the milk. For a short period this concern continues. After parents throw the cubs and leave them alone, after they start to re-pair. Brothers and sisters are still together for some time. After repeated delivery, the female often finds its first offspring, after which the whole family can stay together for a while. Hunting for squirrels was announced by photographers at this time, as the young, not frightened, willingly poses and is interested in man.