Stick insects

A stick insect is an amazing insect, he is referred to a detachment of ghosts. There are more than 2500 species. Outwardly it resembles a wand or a leaf. He also has a head with a mustache; Body covered with chitin; And long legs. The stick insect is recognized as the longest insect. On the island of Kalimantan, there is a record holder: its length is 56 cm. And on average these insects are from 2 to 35 cm. Their color is brown or green. It can change under the influence of heat or light, but rather slowly. For this, special cells containing pigments are responsible.

On a small round head are the eyes, eyes, by the way, the stick insects are excellent, and the mouthpiece is a gnawing type that can overpower the branches and stiff veins of the leaves. Body narrow or with flattened abdomen. Legs are covered with thorns or thorns and look like stick stilts. They end with suckers and hooks, which secrete adhesive liquid.

A stick insect can move quickly using this, even over a glass wall. Some species have wings, with the help of them they can fly or plan. These amazing rods live in the tropics and subtropics next to freshwater reservoirs. Most of all they love thickets of succulent shrubs.

Their movement begins at night, but even then they do not forget the precautionary measures. They can not be called nimble insects. Very slowly and smoothly, dying with every rustle, they move along the branches, eating juicy foliage. In a particularly hot climate, beetles are active in the midday heat, when their natural enemies: insectivorous spiders, birds, mammals, hide from the sun.

Characteristic for stick insects and the rejection of limbs at the time of the threat. After that, they are quite normal and active, even without a full set of legs. Although several species are capable of regeneration, only their larvae.

Some types of sticks to frighten the enemy, sharply raise the elytra, flaunting their bright red wings. In this way they pretend to be inedible and poisonous insects. Some are more aggressively defended, highlighting a poison that can cause a burn, or a gas that temporarily blinds the enemy.

Many are delighted with the appearance of the stick insect, and some consider him simply a monster. The first, because of unpretentious character and exotic appearance, contain a stick at home.

Peat or sawdust of fruit trees is used as litter. Every day it is necessary to spray the soil, as the sticks need a high humidity. The temperature should be high enough, around 28 degrees. Now everyone can buy a favorite stick insect in the pet store.