Tortoise scientific name

Tortoise scientific name is Testudinidae.  The tortoise is a slow animal. Everyone knows the saying “slow as a turtle”. This applies to large land tortoises, which are quickly prevented by their heavy armor. But about the marine and freshwater animals can not be said. For example, in an aquatic environment, a turtle can reach speeds of up to 40 km / h.

Tortoise are excellent swimmers. Many people think that water is a natural environment for turtles. However, only sea species are good, freshwater and only a few land. Other land and semi-water types in the water can even drown.

Tortoise live long – more than 100 years. Tortoise are really considered to be long-lived animals, but up to 100 years or more live only terrestrial huge species, for example, elephants. If we talk about pets about 30 cm long, they can survive only up to 50 years, and then only with good care for them and proper nutrition.

Tortoise 50-60 cm long can live up to 60-70 years. This makes it possible to conclude that the age of the turtle depends directly on the maximum size of its species. The most known to science specimens-long-livers reached the bar in 170-180 years.