Toucans – information

In the tropical forests, those that grow in America from Mexico to the north of Argentina, inhabit the amazing species and beauty of birds – toucans. Despite the fact that they live in hot countries, and the woodpeckers habitual in our latitudes do not in principle favor heat, yet these birds are related to the same genus.

A distinctive feature of these “tropical woodpeckers” is, first of all, their disproportionately large beaks, which in many species even exceed half the entire length of the bird. Many scientists tend to believe that the beak of the toucan, which has numerous cavities, is an “air conditioner” for them, i.Šµ. It performs the function of adjusting the body temperature, preventing supercooling or overheating. And in and of themselves these feathers are quite large, the largest of them have a body length (together with the main advantage, naturally) up to sixty centimeters.

Another attractive feature of the Toucans is its bright and unique color. On the bluish-black background bright eyes are brightened by very intelligent eyes, surrounded by multi-colored aureoles of feathers, a poisonous bright beak color (which can be absolutely any color), and colorful colorful paws.

In the color of birds there are all possible variants of color combinations and a variety of palette and saturation. Some individuals are able to argue a variety of color even with parrots. But in addition to the unique appearance of these woodpeckers have a unique bird language. And in a direct and figurative sense.

Despite the threatening appearance of the beak, toucansĀ eat mostly fruit, only occasionally spoiling themselves with spiders, small lizards and snakes, sometimes stealing eggs. In addition, these birds are absolutely friendly to people and easily tamed and live at home.

In food unpretentious, the main thing is that the owners have enough patience to endure a fairly regular, very piercing cries of the pet and its noisy behavior. As practice shows, the toucan will never attack a person and will be a very nice interlocutor (although they can not imitate human speech) for half a century.