Tree frogs – information

One of the most common species of tree frogs is the tree frog. Depending on the species, the size of the tree frog can be 15 – 130 mm. In the daytime they are almost invisible, they are inactive, but with the onset of twilight, the nights begin to show activity. Successfully hunting for various insects frog helps a long sticky tongue.

When keeping the animal in the terrarium, before buying a tree frog, it is important to properly arrange it – arrange twigs, sticks, driftwood, plants with large leaves, they like to sit on, resting frogs. The temperature in the terrarium must be within 20-23ᵒ, humidity not lower than 70%. The recommended volume of a vertical terrarium with a small pool equipped below is 40-50 liters. In winter, heating may be required.

The presence of water below the water allows you to maintain the desired humidity, but it is also necessary for the development of the offspring, as the frog lays eggs in the water. Ten days later tadpoles appear from it, in three months they become frogs. Due to the presence of special sticky discs on the tips of the fingers, the frogs move easily on any surface at any angle in any position.

But the development of this ability led to a weak development in the arboreal frog swimming membranes, which makes it in the aquatic environment quite helpless.

The diet of the tree frog kwaksha is mainly composed of different kinds of insects, so it is necessary to have a supply of food from crickets, cockroaches, flour / earthworms, flies, ground beetles, other live insects, and perhaps tweezers for feeding a frog. In the rest, to keep a frog at home is easy, while she lives up to ten years.

One of the interesting features described in Wikipedia, the report on the tree frog is a sonorous, vociferous voice. And it can be fed not only by males, but also by females in case of danger, males are not averse to taking advantage of any opportunity to simply demonstrate their singing abilities. For this reason it is not recommended to have a terrarium with animals in the bedroom.