Types of hamsters

There are more than 60 genera in the world, uniting about 240 species of hamsters (subfamily of rodents, family of hamsters). In our country there are 14 species belonging to 6 genera.

The most popular types of domestic hamsters are the four – Syrian hamster, Djungarian hamster, hamster Roborovsky, hamster Campbell. But the hamster Eversmann also belongs to the popular ones.

Today, hamsters have become just as common pets as a cat or a dog. There is nothing surprising. They are funny, their antics can raise the mood no worse than a cat and a dog. Do not take a lot of space, eat a little, require minimum attention to yourself. In some way, hamsters are even a little exotic pets.

They are especially suitable for those who do not have much free time or stay up late at work. Due to the fact that they themselves store their stocks in their pantry, they will survive if you do not even spend the night at home and leave them for a day or more. When you return, the whole house will not be turned upside down.