Types of hedgehogs

The family of hedgehogs exists on the planet for fifteen million years and has nineteen species, four of which are unarmed, that is, they do not have thorns. They live in regions with a warm climate. In Ukraine, you can meet two representatives of the family of hedgehogs: an ordinary or European hedgehog, and more rarely – eared.

Ordinary hedgehog is common throughout Europe and in Asia Minor. Translated from the Latin language “ordinary hedgehog” is translated as “prickly barrier”.

Algerian hedgehogs are also called wandering hedgehogs and North African hedgehogs. They dwell in North Africa from the Sahara to Libya and Morocco. They also live in the southern regions of France and Spain. In addition, these hedgehogs were imported to Malta and the Canary Islands.

Amur hedgehogs live in China, Korea, Manchuria. Externally, the Amur hedgehogs look like ordinary hedgehogs, but their color is lighter. The length of the body varies from 18 to 26 centimeters, and the body weight varies from 600 to 1092 grams. The needles are long, reaching about 24 millimeters. The color of most needles is light brown. The fur is bristly and hard, on the stomach it is brown.