Types of sparrows

In nature, there are many birds that look like a sparrow, but not necessarily that they belong to one of the species of this bird. Scientists ornithologists clearly marked the species and subspecies of this bird.

There are quite a lot of species of this bird – there are about 22. In our climate you can meet 8. It is a house sparrow, field, snow (snow finch), black-chested, red, stone, Mongolian earth sparrow, short-cut.

Perhaps someone heard of a strange bird “a sparrow is a camel.” Nothing to do with the sparrow, this bird has, and no kind of passerine is.

This is the name of the famous ostrich, which in translation means “a sparrow is a camel”. All kinds of passerines have some features, but the main characteristic of this bird is peculiar to everyone.

It used to be assumed that birds are very useful creatures.  So the sparrow got into “dubious helpers”. And yet, the benefits of this tiny bird are greater than the harm.