Types of turkeys

There are many breeds of turkeys. Since many are interested in the question of which breed to choose for breeding, let us dwell in more detail on their characteristics, description of their merits and demerits. Which turkey crosses exist today, what are their advantages and which turkey breed or turkey cross should choose their choice.

White broad-chested turkeys are distinguished by the best meat qualities, good marketable appearance of carcass, (yellowish shade of skin), good meat precocity, higher in comparison with bronze turkeys, egg-laying (80-90 eggs).

White broad-chested turkeys were bred in the US in the 60s of the 20th century. White broad-chested breed of turkeys The breed was obtained by crossing a white Dutch breed with a bronze broad chest. In the USSR, turkeys were imported in 1970 from England.

Turkey white broad-chested Hybrid is a large poultry, growing which you get more meat with higher protein and lower – fat and cholesterol (ie dietary meat) than other poultry breeds.