The vulture refers to birds of prey, which are very many. But why does everyone know him? The answer is pretty simple! The vulture is a bird of prey that feeds on carrion, and sometimes spoiled food. Vulture is a small neck, outwardly distinguishable by having a bare neck, as well as a black catatra, only the size of the latter is 2 times smaller. Its beak is strongly extended downwards, crocheted, large nostrils parallel to the beak. They also do not have hair on the goiter.

Vulture has very powerful and long wings (150 centimeters), also has long legs, on which there are blunt claws. The color of the feathers is white with dark shades, the neck has a yellow hue, the color of the paws is pink. Characteristically, with age, birds become lighter, by the way in their childhood they are dark, black. Their weight reaches 2 or more kilograms, females about 1.5 kilograms. Outwardly the vulture looks like a bearded man. The vulture, though vulture, but similar to them, he only feathers and their color.

As mentioned above, the vulture’s character is its food, which many will seem disgusting, since the main food is carrion and scum from other predators. They settle near slaughterhouses, pastures, so they feed on hares, lizards, tortoises, as well as rotten meat, even dead snakes. But while they are happy to eat and live reptiles. So hunger for these predators is practically not threatened.

Interesting is that the stomachs of vultures produce so acidic acid that they can digest even anthrax bacteria!

Like many other birds, reproduction begins in the middle of spring. The female has an average of 2 eggs, occasionally one or three, it is important that the eggs appear with a delay of 2-3 days apart from each other. Nests they are on rocks, slopes, ravines, the ruins of ancient buildings and trees. They really do not like the sun, so their nests are always in the hollows, in the branches, the main condition, so that direct sunlight does not fall. It is very important to note the fact that in the construction of the nest they use bones. After building a nest, which is built in pairs, the female incubates eggs and hugs them for a little more than a month. Vultures by their nature live in pairs, but they are also flocks, so it’s easier for them to hunt and get food.

The largest number of them in Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as in the Caucasus. There they can be found in the mountains, in the foothills and, most importantly, they also live near people near pastures. As stated earlier, they are monogamous, live in pairs in niches of rocks, caves and mountains. When they do not nest, they can dwell on the plains, where they feed.

Vulture, despite its size is not very strong, and is not able to resist a strong enemy, and even more qualitatively hunting. But he belongs to very cunning birds. The confirmation of this is that he can split the egg of the ostrich, despite the fact that the ostriches guard them. When they leave, the vulture takes a pebble in the beak and they split eggs, it happens that even takes a stone and throws it over the egg, so that the stone with even more force strikes the egg and splits it.