What animals eat snakes ?

Snakes appear to be powerful poisonous animals that instill fear into others. But there are daredevils who eat them. These are birds of prey, mongooses, crocodiles, wild pigs and wild boars, representatives of the cat family, hedgehogs, monitor lizards other animals (depending on the habitat of a particular individual).

It is well-known fact that hedgehogs are resistant to snake venom. Met with a viper, the hedgehog sniffs from head to tail, despite the fact that the snake bites it.

He simply licks with his tongue. Then he clings to the viper and starts eating it. The hedgehog organism is not exposed to snake venom, so its bites do not do him any harm. Other animals that eat snakes are martens, caresses, foxes and ferrets. In countries with a warm climate, the enemies of sizzling creatures are mongooses. They cope even with a spectacle serpent.

Snakes eat predatory birds – a falcon, a hawk, a stork, a peacock, etc. Many birds prey on snakes, including poisonous ones. They include the eagle of the serpent, hawk, griffin, sarych, stork and even a crow. The most dangerous enemy among birds for snakes is a bird-secretary who lives in Africa. He eats creeping creature completely together with poisonous glands and teeth.