What are female rabbits called ?

A female rabbit called a doe.┬áRespiratory organs in the rabbit are poorly developed. This is their Achilles’ heel. They need fresh air. They quickly wilt in a room containing harmful gases, dust and various microorganisms.

Wild rabbits usually settle in colonies and in pairs in burrows, which dig on the slopes in dry places, covered with bushes and trees.

In summer, the wild rabbit is mainly fed by green grass. In winter, it feeds on dry grass, bark and young shoots of shrubs and trees. Biting the bark of trees, sometimes damaging forests and gardens.

According to the zoological classification, the rabbit belongs to the class of mammals, a group of rabbits, a family of rabbits, the genus of rabbits and the species of ordinary rabbits. Until recently, rabbits were referred to a detachment of rodents due to their great similarity with them. Externally, the rabbit resembles a hare, but does not cross with it, as it differs in many biological features.