What can hamsters eat ?

The food of domestic hamsters is different from that of wild hamsters in nature. And, of course, from the human diet: food from our table is intolerable for a gentle hamster organism. Rodents are deadly harmful processed foods with fats, sugar, salt, spices.

And especially sweet, although they love it. Hamsters do not know what foods are good for them and which are harmful, they eat everything. But once you know about this, you will save your pets!

The main and constantly present in the trough should be a dry balanced vitaminized food, which is sold in the store. Only in factories that produce special food, they make fodders that have been carefully selected and processed, fully meeting the needs of hamsters.

In the grain forage for parrots, rats, guinea pigs and other rodents and birds, a completely different composition – to buy for hamsters it is impossible!